Lilika Papagrigoriou

Francoise Hazel

Born from an artistic mother, Françoise Hazel grew up in an aesthetically inventive universe. She developed a recycling instinct very early by observing her grandfather who collected and fixed anything he would put his hands on. She built her first dollhouse made out of match boxes when she didn’t get one for Christmas. She then realized that she could built whatever she wanted using her hands and creativity. It’s with this state of mind that she developed a sense of resourcefulness in finding solutions. After her studies on International Relations, she went for interior design where she re-discovered her sensibility for eco-friendly materials. She came across a recycled cardboard furniture in Guadeloupe one day and decided to learn the technique and moved back to Haiti with a project in mind. Her concern for the environment motivated her to launch Ça Cartoone in Haiti who's facing critical environmental issues. Françoise create eco-friendly utilities out of recycled corrugated cardboard.Her mission is to positively impact the Haitian community by inspiring individuals to put their communities and environmental health first by spreading awareness regarding ecological foot print when it comes to the use of occupational utilities.


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