Lilika Papagrigoriou

Joseph Eddy Pierre

Joseph Eddy Pierre is a Haitian artist born in 1974 in Cabaret, Haiti. After his studies at ENARTS, he studied at the New York Students Art League. His first solo exhibition was at the Centre d’Art in Haiti in 1998. His work has been shown throughout the US, Mexico and Europe. He represented Haiti during an exhibition organized by UNESCO in Barcelona.  Amongst his U.S. exhibitions include “Haitian Art at the Millennium” at the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artist (NCAAA) in Boston. In 1997, Pierre was commissioned by the city of Port au-Prince to create giant puppets to commemorate the founders of Haitian carnival. His latest exhibition at Galerie Nader in May of 2016 debuted his innovative furniture, marked by its vibrant colors, instantly bringing his paintings to mind and eye. Pierre is also known for his lively murals that can be seen throughout Haiti, including the walls of the Institute Francais, and University Quiskeya. Passionate for color and geometry, he has developed a particular style, which is easily recognizable.  Pierre lives and works in the mountains of Thomassin.