Sneak Peak! Les Realties Inventees Art Exhibit (November 7 to November 16, 2014)

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Paintings! Drawings! Photography! Sculptures! Seriography! Installation! Need I say more?

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect at the "Les Realtites Inventees" Exhibit opening up on November 7th, 2014!



Martine Brisson is a Haitian artist bornin 1974.


Because of her passion for the earth and nature, she studied agroforestry. Her paintings of trees and women reflect the emotions and feelings that were inspired by all of the places she visited. After having spent 5 years in Mexico working on a community project, Martine felt the need to reconnect to her native land. She began painting in 1991. Martine currently lives in Haiti.


Philippe Dodard, a native Haitian, studied from a

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young age with the Haitian masters Jean-Claude Garoute (Tiga), Patrick Vilaire and Frido - founders of the Poto-Mitan School. Complimentary academic study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Port-au-Prince and the International School of Bordeaux, France, focused on pedagogic graphic design. A quest for a deeper knowledge of spiritual man led him to the Kripalu Yoga Ashram. After the popular uprising against dictatorship in Haiti in 1986, his style completely changed from his much lauded, fluid water imagery to much stronger strokes of black and white inks, coated paintings, wooden totems and metal sculptures reflecting the 'Cry for Freedom' of the Haitian people. He became co founder and President of socially conscious Fondation Culture Creation (1992-1999), Dodard was also the Cultural Adviser for the First Lady Elisabeth D. Preval, and the artistic leader of Plas Timoun, a psycho-social project created for the relief of children affected by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. He was instrumental in the reconstruction of the iron market in Haiti as the project chief for Arts & Ambiances. His new work 'The Rising Soul' is now in the permanent collection in Triennal Internacional del Caribe au Museo de Arte Moderno a Santo Domingo. In 2011, after meeting Donna Karan and Russell James in Haiti, Dodard began his collaborations with Urban Zen and Nomad Two Worlds and was the July 2011 Ambassador of Urban Zen Foundation.


Frederique “Fredo” Dupoux is one of the most promising young Haitian photographers of his generation. Born in 1984, he studied Sound Engineering in Lyon, France before devoting himself fully to his passion in 2008 becoming a professional photographer. He is the son and nephew of photographers,


who have helped him develop his eye and sensitivity for people and their history. Fredo has participated in workshops organized by Eddy Adams, a major international photographer. Major media outlets such as The New Yorker, The Times, and MSNBC have published his works. His project, “88 days in Haiti” has marked his generation discovering a passionate public, the emblem placing value on Contemporary Haitian Photography. Member of Ayiti Foto Konbit, he regularly teaches photography with all the generosity that shines through in his work.


Pascale “Paskö” Merisier has a plural training. After studying painting and drawing in the art workshops of


the Ecole Sainte Trinité (1994-1996), he started attending the workshop Kay Tiga known for experimenting « artistic rotation », or simultaneity in the pratice of visual arts, in 1997. Then he progessively got trained in linocut, monotype, and in ceramics (with Lissa Jeannot). In 2006, he is recipient of a grant from the French government to study printmaking in Montpellier. In 2010, after the earthquake, he realizes a show to sale artworks in benefit of Haiti in the restaurant L’Espace-Temps in Carcassonne, France.

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Joseph Eddy Pierre is a Haitian artist born in


1974 in Cabaret, Haiti. Passionate for colors and geometry, he has developed a particular style which is easily recognizable. After his studies at ENARTS, he participated in training at the New York Student Art League. His first exposition was at the Center of Arts in Haiti. His paintings have allowed him to travel the world. Joseph Eddy Pierre has exposed in New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Paris and Mexico. In Barcelona, he represented Haiti during an exposition organized by UNESCO.

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Nathania Pericles was born on January 28th, 1990 in Port Au Prince. She attended the

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University of Haiti, where she did her studies in anthropology and sociology at the Faculty of Ethnology. Right after, she began to study art at ENARTS, Haiti’s national school of the arts. Originally, Nathania is a dancer and comedien, however her passion for the visual arts, led her to explore this domain. Nathania did her first exhibit with the “Sek Kouzen” Artistic Association in 2011. Her last exhibit entitled “Danser, Dessiner Fond-des- Nègres passage du Roman à la ville” was in Fond des Négres at an artistic residence. Her style of painting can be described as colorful abstract pieces, and she is inspired by her daily life.

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Mireille Fombrun is a Haitian born artist with a

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long international trajectory, having obtained a Bachelors of Arts and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Humanism at the University of Puerto Rico. She also studied at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Academia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo, Italy, the Escuela de Cerámica de Madrid, in Spain. There she later became a sculpture professor and developed her passion for large scale modelling in clay. In her Madrid atelier she offered workshops to other artists and further developed her sculpture, using diverse materials, such as clay, bronze, iron, and aluminium among others. Her work has been shown at various galleries and official institutions principally in Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the United States. “I feel infinitely small in presence of Nature´s magnitude, which generates all life, and I like to believe that my shapes in clay, oxides, iron… are simply manifestations of this universal force”.


Silva Jean Francisco was born on December 3,


1989 in Port Au Prince. He did his primary artistic studies at FOULA School of arts where he studied music. Right after he attended the Center of Arts in 2008. Currently he is a fourth year student at ENARTS (National School of Arts). He is a member of the art collective “KLORAT BIZ ART”.


Gregory Vorbe is a Haitian musician and painter born in 1966.

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He started drawing at a very young age in the studio of Jean Claude Castera. At the age of 6, he was already showing signs of a natural born artist. Influenced by the school of beauty, he quickly developed his own style, original and open to the world with deep roots in nature and his culture. His artwork represents the crossroads between many cultures, mainly Native American, African, and the New America. His work is a mix of worlds, just like his music. Gregory is a creator who has marked his times.

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