"Le Bruit qui Pense": A contemporary art exhibit featuring the works of Klorat Biz'Art

Kolektif 509 will be hosting the exhibit: "Le Bruit qui Pense" featuring the works of 7 artists from the group Klorat Biz'Art-all 4th year students at the National School of Arts in Haiti (ENARTS). This will be the 2nd collective group of artists we've exposed from ENARTS (the first one being <FILING PLASTIK> back in 2012>

One of the missions of Kolektif 509 is to provide a platform for emerging artists and offer them the opportunity to reach a wider public. Being artists ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be when you are just starting off in your career. We are happy to support the new generation of artists, and encourage them to follow their passion. These young cats are full of talent, and we are excited for them to show off their creativity.

Come join us on Friday!

Live musical entertainment by one of our favorite haitian-american artists JAEL AUGUSTE!

Great art. Great music. Great ambiance. What more can you ask for on a Friday night? For more info, feel free to email us at info@kolektif509.com. Peace and Art!

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