valerie noisette

Valerie Noisette

Valerie Noisette is a Haitian-American artist who was born in Queens, New York in 1982. She spent the majority of her life in Chicago, and later moved to Miami. Since she was a child, she always had a fascination with Haiti and knew that one day she would find her way to the land of her ancestors, where she truly felt at home. In 2010, she moved to Haiti right after the earthquake.  This move marked the beginning of her spiritual quest as a visual artist and led her to explore a different dimension of her existence. Noisette found herself creating mystical and spiritual depictions of the world beyond time and space. Her artwork is meant to spark an internal dialogue with its viewer, encouraging the exploration of the world beyond our physical reality using elements of sacred geometry and symbols.  The intangible world she attempts to explore is one which is based on feelings, emotions, energies, and higher forces that are at the very seat of our soul. Noisette has participated in several local exhibits, and her artwork was featured in an international exhibit in South Korea. In addition,  Noisette co-founded Kolektif 509, and has exposed the works of over 60 artists in various exhibits throughout Port Au Prince.  Noisette currently lives and works in Haiti.

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